Current Faculty & Staff PBK

A diverse group of Kalamazoo College faculty and staff are members of PBK. If you would like to know more about PBK, please reach out to any of our current members.

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Current Members

  • Apps, Hannah, Economics
  • Bendorf, Oliver, English
  • Brady, Alyce, Math
  • Candido, Elizabeth H., Chaplain
  • Chamness, Graham, Chinese
  • Dugas, John, Political Science
  • Dugas, Larissa, French
  • Einspahr, Jennifer, Political Science
  • Fletcher, Kyla Day, Psychology
  • Frost, Dennis, History
  • Gonzalez, Jorge, President
  • Haeckl, Anne Elizabeth, Classics
  • Hultberg, Patrik T., Economics
  • Intermont, Michelle, Math
  • Jansma, Dana, Student Affairs
  • Katanski, Amelia V., English
  • Langeland, James A., Biology
  • MacMillan, Amy, Economics
  • Manwell, Elizabeth, Classics
  • Mozina, Andrew, English
  • Sederberg, Kathryn, German
  • Smith, Amy, English
  • Tobochnik, Jan, Physics
  • Wollenberg, Amanda, Biology
  • Wood, Rachel, CCPD

Emeriti Members

  • Barclay, David E. 
  • Cohen, Henry
  • Deal, Ralph 
  • Fink, John
  • Fischer, Billie                                                      
  • Fugate, Joe K.
  • Griffin, Gail         
  • Havilar, Sassafras
  • Nielsen, George
  • Rajnak, Stan
  • Scarrow, David
  • Smith, Kathleen
  • Solberg, Janet
  • Sotherland, Pam
  • Thomas, Philip
  • Wickstrom, John B.
  • Wright, Wayne

Faculty & Staff Registration

If you are a faculty or staff person who belong to PBK and are not featured on this list, please find the form at the bottom of the page to be added to the membership role.

Faculty & Staff PBK Registration

Faculty and Staff may submit the names to join the local chapter.