Phi Beta Kappa Black and White Logo

The annual business meeting, initiation of new members, and banquet of the Kalamazoo College Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is held annually in June.

Business Meeting

The business meeting is held with Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Hakken Candido, President of the Chapter, presiding. Resident faculty and staff members of the Chapter are asked to remit their annual dues of $5.00 at this meeting (alternatively, dues can be remitted to Kelly Killen in the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life). 

Initiation Details

Acceptance of membership in PBK requires new members’ participation in the initiation ceremony, a rich traditional rite of entry that will publicly recognize your extraordinary achievements both in academic classes and other areas of your career here. If you simply cannot attend, please give advance notice to the secretary, who can, for an adequate reason, make arrangements for you to be received into the Society in absentia. Attire commensurate with the formality of the occasion is recommended.